Types of Vouchers

“Types of Vouchers”

Tally contains a variety of accounting vouchers each designed to perform a different job. The standard vouchers are as follows:

Vouchers Shortcuts
1) Payment Voucher F5
2) Receipt Voucher F6
3) Contra Voucher F4
4) Purchase Voucher F8
5) Sales Voucher F9
6) Journal Voucher F7

1) Payment Voucher:-

Payment voucher is used when you paid any amount in Cash/ Cheque /  to any party against any credit purchases or any due amount or give loan to any person. You have to press F5 function key to activate this type of voucher in tally accounting software.

2) Receipt Voucher:-

a. Receipt voucher in Tally is used when you received any amount in Cash/ Cheque/  from any party against any credit sales or any due amount or received any loan. You have to press F6 function key to activate this type of voucher in tally accounting software.

3) Contra voucher

:- a. Contra voucher is used when you deposit any cash in bank account or cash withdrawal from bank account by Cheque  ATM or Fund transfer from one bank account to another bank account by Cheque. You have to press F4 function key to activate this type of voucher in tally accounting software.

4) Purchase Voucher:-

a. Purchase Vouchers is used when you have to purchase some goods from any party and you get an invoice against cash or credit purchase from the party. Tally provides the facility to create purchase and credit purchase entries from Purchase.

5) Sales Voucher:

a. All entries which is related to sold good are entered by this voucher. this type of voucher in tally accounting software. You can use this voucher type for credit and cash sales entries in tally software. There are two modes in which you can make entry in sales voucher either in voucher entry mode or invoice mode.

6) Journal Voucher:-

a. Journal Vouchers are used to adjust the debit and credit amounts without using the cash or bank accounts. … You can also make any credit purchases or sales any fixed assets entry through this voucher. You have to press F7 shortcut to activate Journal voucher in Tally.