SketchUP 3D

Google SketchUP 3D

introduction & Workflow Methods

2D Architecture

Google SketchUp Workspaces & Templates, Toolbars, and Model Settings

Moving around the Model Zoom, Orbit, PAN, Roll Wheel, Walk

Creating 2D Geometry from Lines

3D Modeling Work

Creating 3D Geometry from Lines and Faces

Extruding and Following

1BHK, 2BHK Plans

Making Layers and Adding Walls External & Internal

Creating Openings on the Walls for Doors & Windows

Using Guidelines to Create Door & Windows Openings

Sweep and Revolves

Row Houses Plans

Interior Designing

Exterior Designing

Adding Doors & Windows Components

Adding Door Trim

Groups, Components and Outline

Linking and Unlinking the Site Maps

Massing Environment

Adding Colors, Trees, Shadows

Advance Shadow Settings

Building a house

Creating Floor Plans with Interiors 2D

Importing CAD Files, Grouping and Setting

Positioning the Views in the Imported CAD File

Modifying a Component Creating Double Door from Single Door

Assembling the Floors

Adding Roof, Flat & Slope

2D and 3D View’s

Adding Ceiling Coping & Floor Skirting

Texture Materials Walls, Roofs, Door, Windows, Stairs, Floors

Sectioning the Model

V-Ray Render Images

interior or Exterior Views

Finishing the Model with Trees & Final Rendering Techniques

SketchUP 3D to Max