Tally ERP9 GST Syllabus

Syllabus :-

Advance Course Content

The course covers basics of accountancy which covers the entire accounting cycle of the business environment. It is focused on understanding and learning of basic accounting terms, accounting principles, concepts and conventions, double entry system, modes of accounting and preparation of financial statements. The course also covers an introduction to various types of business organizations, accounting on computers, Tally fundamental which includes learning of Tally features and its functionality. To bring ease in getting functional with Tally, sample data processing and its report generation will also be taught to the students as part of this course.

Introduction of Accounting

Tally Interdiction final Accounting Cycle

Debit Credit

Assets = Fixed Assets or Current Assets

Incomes = Direct Incomes or Indirect Incomes

Expenses = Direct Expenses or Indirect Expenses

Liabilities = Long Term Liabilities or Current Liabilities

Startup Business with Capital Investment

Transactions types =  Cash, Credit or Barter Transactions

about Sundry Creditors or Sundry Debtors

Drawings or Capital income

Types of Account

Personal Account

Real Account

Nominal Account

The Golden Rules of Accounting

Ledgers Creation

Non-Trading Account in Tally

Accounting Voucher Creation

Receipt  and Payment Voucher

on Institute or Service Centers Accounts

Contra Vouchers Bank or Cash Transactions

Understanding of Balance Sheet or

Net Profit Gross profit Cash in Hand

Profit and Loss Account

All Vouchers Types

Account with Inventory

Product Trading Account

Purchase or Sales goods

Stock Group, Stock Items

Units of Measures

Understanding of Stock Summary

Closing Stock

Carriage Inwards on purchase Exp.

Carriage outwards on Sales Exp.

Trading company Account Maintain

Wages Paid and Commission Received

Referent between Suppliers or Customers account


What is GST


GST on Purchase invoice

GST on Sales invoice

IGST on Sales other States

GST on Expenses or

GST on Fixed Assets

GST on Buying or Servicing

Debit Note : Purchase Returns

Credit Note : Sales Returns

Day Book Report print

Partnership  Account

partner capital investment or Drawings

Opening Balance & Closing Balance

Multiple stock Group

Annual Report


Cash Discount

Trade Discount

Discount allow Discount Received

Discount with Alternate units


Currency Creation

$ US Dollar or  £ Pound

Calculation on Indian Rupees

Currency Rate of Exchange

Actual Billing or report

Interest Calculation

Charged Depreciation  Entry on Fixed Assets

Budget & Control

Purchase budget

Sales budgets

Limited Date Targets

BRS (Bank Reconciliation Statement)

Similarity between cash book and Passbook

Bank account Statements

Interest Credit by bank

Interest Charge Debited by bank

Confirmed Monthly Bank Transactions

Educational institute Management

Create own Under Groups

Student Groups or Course Groups

Discount on Education Fees

Order Processing

Recording Sales order Processing

Recording Purchase order Processing

Generate order Number or Delivery Date

Order Status Reports

Godown & Stock Category

Transfer of Material Main Location

Source (Consumption)

Destination (Production)

Create Multi Godown and Maintain

Multi-location stock

Flexible Units of Measure

Alternate/Compound Unit

TCS ( Tax Collected at Source)

Tax on Scrap of Sales

Understanding of TCS Tax 1%

Add TCS on Sales

 TDS (Tax Deducted at Source)

Understanding of TDS categories of business

Deduct tax on Salary Expenses

Deduct Tax on Advertisement Expenses

Rate of TDS if PAN Card Not available 20% Applicable

TDS on Pen Card Available 5%

Manufacturing Company Account

Manufacture a Product

BOM (Bill of Material)

Set Components (BOM) Creations

Require stock Raw items for BOM Qty.

Stock Journal Voucher

Creation with Auto Print

Use Manufacturing Journal in voucher

Rate of Primary items

Factory Expenses

Type of Additional Cost

Multi Price Level

Manage Sales account

Company Price Level For

Price Manage Minimum or Maximum Quantity

Dealer Rate

Customer Rate

Multiple Stock Valuation

Retailer Rate

Price Level Auto Selected Sales

Bill Printing Automatic Setting

Payroll Systems

Industries or organization Payroll Management

Employee Groups Creations

Department wise Groups

Employees Creations with Name or Designations

Account Department

Admin Department

Purchase Department

Sales Department

Worker Department

Employees payment Units Types

Attendance / Production Types

Attendance leave with pay

leave without pay

Production Hrs.

Pay Heads creations

Basic salary, HRA, DA, TA, PF,

Employee allowances or Deductions

Maintain employees salary Details or Rate

Creating payroll vouchers

employee attendance sheet

present or leave, overtime manage

print all employee Salary

print Salary Slip

One Year Account Management

Manage Transaction with Date

Day To Day Transactions

Print Tally Daily, Monthly or Yearly Reports

in Excel, JPG, PDF, or other formats

Auto Print GST Sales Billing

Export tally Report

Date Based Reporting

Year Ending Processing

Company Loss or Bad Debts

Tally Backup and Restore

Online Examinations

Excel Course Free DEMO Lecture

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